You can find videos of the 2018 & 2019 talks here, and the site for the 2019 edition here!

Who is who stories

EnthusiastiCon happened three times before. 2015 it was brought to life. In 2018 the first edition’s organizer johl realized that it was a little too much work for him alone. Enter Moritz, he liked !!con a lot when he was in NYC, and found out about the Berlin equivalent. Determined to revive it, he met with johl, and told a few Recursers and things were made happen.

The 2020 organizer team consists of blinry, Chris, Joseph, Moritz, Nandaja, Nasreen and Pieter.

The logo idea was born in a sketchbook at Stratum 0’s Malkränzchen. Brought to life by the spirited and talented Marina aka mhmillustration! We believe in rubber ducking, as it can be understood to be about programming and sharing in the broader sense.

The website is forked from StarCon and inspired by !!con. Read: On the shoulders of giants.

Legals / Impressum

See here.